Pangeran Yang Terasing

11 Zulqaidah – 11 Zulqaidah1431

Many congratulations on the birth anniversary of Imam Ali Ridho (may peace and blessing of God be upon him)..

Famous sayings of the Imam :

“True devotion not only means prayers and fasting. One should meditate as well”.
“The highest degree of wisdom is self-awareness”.
“To help the disabled is much better than to give alms”.
“Silence is one of the gates to wisdom”.
“Giving alms repels the certain catastrophe”.
“Keeping other’s secrets, patience in hardships and tolerance towards others are all signs of faith”.



“A piece of my flesh will be buried in Khurasan;
Allah has made Paradise mandatory on every believer who goes to his Ziyarat
and He has made it HARAM for Hell to touch their bodies.”
(Imam Jaffar as-Shadiq A.S.)


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