Random Thoughts

Foursquare application posts, ‘is at blablabla’ things application from blackberry (or black-barry ? #racism)..
Sorry to say, but I don’t care where people physically are every second of the live long day!
But If you want to be stalked, robbed, exposed as a liar,
hunted down and round housed, then carry on using those application..
Well, it’s is really up to you, do foursquare things or ‘is at blablabla’ things..
Post as much as you wanna post.. ok, I will not complain !
Sorry, too much adoring Blair Waldorf at Gossip Girl has made me to be such a skeptic person..

di belahan dunia mana Joo Ji Hoon dan Lee Min Ho akan bersembunyi ?
semoga konflik Korsel-Korut segera berakhir..
Oh iyha, malam ini saya akan mulai menonton Personal Taste..
Teman saya (Mas Yus Gias) baru saja membajaknya untuk saya..
(tell me, is piracy still a crime ?)


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