Lyric of The Day

Always love this song..

The Noble Savage – The Trees and The Wild

Bones and stones will collide with hopes and fear of lust
old lust..
Don’t believe the words he sold so fierce
Through those tubes, old tubes..

Move inside your skin I don’t mind dying
And down to your heart inside and out
I wish I was blind just for a while
An ageless cloak covers the oak
Don’t believe a word
Don’t believe a word
It lurks like spinning wheels
Don’t believe in words
Don’t believe in words

Anchorage is so far don’t you think?
But why we’re feeling this blistering, blistering cold?

I’ll pay tribute to the wires and tubes
Wires and tubes.. wires and tube..


.. yes, I love them ..


see you tonight lads 🙂


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