sketch, cliché, kite, knife, bike, reptylia, Casablancas, Strokes,
white, honeymoon, tattoos, camping, beach, ordinary, crush, married, 23,
paperdoll, Niksen, messy, chocolate, planet, 11.01, Zeke Khaseli
money, corruption, vonis, policy, money again, jetway, photoscape, tumblr,
paranoia, piggy, nose, memory, remedy, May, rain, McD, candy, nirvana,
bank account, Haidar, fence, indies, ERK, mantra, bite, fella, gravity,
telescope, glow, circle, condoms, cofeeshops, cigarette, beers, atlantic, post.



Sometimes, I love being random..
Who’s got something random to say?
Type it as a comment down there !
Have a random weekend ! 🙂

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