Space and Missile.

Space and Missile, they are so unreacheable.
This is the second time I catch them, after Bite n Bite’s Homogenic Breakfasting, last September.
As a reminder, the day after, I browse every article about them, I friended them on facebook,
download their songs (GOD bless Tumblr) and write about them here, and here.

And this is what I see at Potluck Minimaliste Vol.5.






Ok, they are ‘Botfvck’ Ishaq Haris Yogaswara (white shirt) and Tintus Hermawan (flanel).
What do you want to know about them ?
Their music ? please don’t ask this.
Actually, I don’t know know what kind of music they made.

O iyha, I have 2 things to tell you about them, a good news and a bad news.
Since girls really loves happy ending, then I will tell you the bad one, first.
Well, the bad news is Tintus Hermawan is married.
And the good news is… Botfvck is single and available, (and remember, he is guitarist).
Then, why are you still read this ? go facebook him, tweet him. Good luck. 😀


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