Happy Birthday To You; Ka Niksen

Who has birthday on every January 3rd.

Yea. That’s him. A best friend, a dude, a brother, and a boss.
Feel blessed to have you as my (what is it?!) 911?
We have planned to spend that day together with our friends,
But, that typhoid symptom ruined our plan, sorry guys.
Curious, how in the world a boy like you got 3 birthday cakes from girls!? Envy you!
You are so popular!

And I can’t believe that you were acted so romantic to brought one of them to my room.
Your mom would be so jealous, I think.



I don’t know what should I say.
Hmmm, are you really want to hear my wishes for you ?
Cause it would be so many wishes I made for you.
Even I always say them on my prayer. 40 people on my prayer, and you included.
Even though you forced the patient to write a greeting for you.
I will always pray for you. Always!

Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Happy birthday, brother!
Stay healthy! Stay awesome, just the way you are!



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