Iranian Hijab, Beautiful!

I (always) personally love a lot of the Iranian women fashion pieces I have seen in the media. I think it looks modest and nice.

Most of Iranian Muslims women wear hijab called chador. This chador is an outer garment worn by many Iranian women and female teenagers in public spaces, a full-body-length semicircle of fabric that is open down the front. This cloth is tossed over the woman’s or girl’s head, but then she holds it closed in the front. So, the chador not covering their face. As I read from some books and heard from Utadz(s), (you can believe this or not) angels in heaven using chador to cover their bodies, not include their face. Wallahu’alam

When I went to Madinah and Makkah last month, I can see them, clearly from my eyes. I talked to some of Irani pilgrims in Madinah about how I love the way they cover their bodies. Though I said, I wouldn’t wear it in Indonesia.
They said, the chador has been worn by many Iranian women since before the Islamic Revolution (1978-1979). After the revolution it became mandatory for women to dress modestly by wearing either the chador or a long cloak called the manteau.



not traditionally black but can look lovely in black. It is often in bright traditional prints or whites. But especially, I love how simple, yet elegant, our Irani sisters look in their black chadors. It was always a cultural sign of a woman’s beauty. I love the way it drapes on them , Masha Allah.

Despite being the most plain garment, I honestly find it the most beautiful!


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