A Generous : Imam Muhammad Bin Ali (Taqi’ Al Jawad)

Name: Mohammed
Father: Ali Ibn Musa Al-Ridha
Most Famous titles: Al-Jawad (Generous man), Al-Taqi (Pious man), Babul-Murad
Nickname: Abu Jaafar
Place & Date of Birth: Madinah on the 10th Rajab, 195 A.H., approx. the 8th April, 811
Lifetime: 25 years.
Duration of Imamate: 17 years.
Date of Martyrdom: 29th Thil-Qi’da, 220 A.H., approx. 24th Oct., 835 A.D.
Cause of Death: poisoned to death by his wife with instigation from Al-Mo’tasim, the Abbasid caliph.
Place of Burial: Quraish Cemetery (currently, Kadhimiya District), just beside his grandfather Imam Musa Al-Kadhim, Baghdad, Iraq.

The Prophet (PBUH) had said:

“My father be sacrificed on the mother of the 9th Imam who will be a pure and pious Nubian.”

Imam Al-Jawad A.S. was the unprecedented miracle of his time. He undertook the responsibilities of imamate after his father (Imam Al-Ridha A.S. ) when he was only 9 years old. It was a matter that raised meditation and wonder even by the followers of his father when he was asked about his successor and he pointed to his young child. It is true that they knew about the stories of Jesus Christ (Isa A.S.) and John s/o Zakariya A.S. before, through the Holy Quran. But one is accustomed to believe what one sees and feels by oneself that is usual and familiar. Seeing with their very eyes the sign of Allah that they cannot argue against, they had no alternative but to believe.

That was one of the features that made Imam Al-Jawad distinguished among other Infallible Imams. First, his birth was late, a matter which made the followers anxious. Second, he undertook imamate when he was still young in age, so miraculous in arguments, wisdom and knowledge. Finally he died when he was only twenty five.



The picture above is the holy shrine of Musa Al Kazhim and Muhammad Al Jawad In Baghdad, Iraq. I wish someday I could go there, someday.

Picture : aljawadain.org


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