Memorizing Al Qur’an

memorizing the Quran isn’t only about remembering the words being used in the Quran and what they express in terms of meaning; it’s more than that.

it’s about pattern; it’s having to know how many verses are on the page you’re memorizing and how much space they take up on the given page. it’s about closing your eyes and being able to visualize the shadda and kasra the letters possess.

it’s about the tashkeel and tajweed; it’s about how you pronounce the words and how long it takes for them to roll from your tongue when your sheikh searches for a random verse to test you on.

it’s also about content; it’s having to remember every single day why and for what reason you’re memorizing. it’s understanding that without much reflection, your memorization is done in vain.

it’s realizing that you possess no strength to continue working on your memorization without having Allah bless you with that strength — it’s meeting that entity called Purpose and having the courage to tell It: whether Time cooperates with me or not, I must finish this.

it’s about hope; most of it is about hope: hope that you’ll finish memorizing the Quran, sure, but hope in learning more from the memorization than the memorization itself. It’s being hopeful that none of your struggle has been done without a clear and sincere intention. It’s having hope that although one day you might be done with memorizing the Quran, the journey might never end. It’s having hope that Allah listens, and that He has accepts your struggle in listening and remembering His Message.



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