This Holy Month Ramadhan

Hai! Ramadhan mubarak to my sisters and brothers in faith!


Hope this wide smile made your day, lol!

This post could be the first and the last post on this holy month of Ramadhan. I promised to myself to quit from any social media during this holy month. I will not on wordpress and tumblr during this Ramadhan. I’m quitting from Facebook since last year, and I feel so good. I’m also not planning to attend any majelis on this Ramadhan. I really want to give myself most of my time connecting with GOD through Qur’an, reflecting by my own why I’m Muslim and what should I do as a Muslim to human life. I’m no in a rush to khatam Al Qur’an. I really want to interpret Qur’an by my own every surat, every ayah, every words, every letter, every fatha, kashra, every tadjwid in humility. I won’t stop here, I will try my hardest, insha Allah.

By the way fellas, this Ramadhan I will be a speaker for an  Islamic  junior high school students. They held Pesantren Kilat, and asked me to become one of speaker. I’m so happy yet I’m so nervous. Because what? I was studied there for three years, learning Islam formally from my teachers and this school has a big portion in made my character today.. And I will be speaking about Islam in front of my teachers?  It made me nervous to death.

Really really really need everyone’s prayer, hope every class will goes well, so I will not shaming myself and my teacher in front of my students.

Insha Allah 🙂


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