Photo taken candid by a friend.

Here are my top playlist for Mudik!

  1. English House – Fleet Foxes
  2. Kota Mati – Peterpan/Noah
  3. On My Way Back Home – Band of Horses
  4. Beth/Rest – Bon Iver
  5. Wind of Change – Scorpion
  6. Jogjakarta – KLA Project
  7. Full Moon – The Black Ghost
  8. Green Aisles – Real Estate
  9. Airplane – Local Natives
  10. Home – Ed Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes

Happy Ramadhan, Happy mudik, and early happy Eid Mubarak to you all.  May Allah reward us the strength and guidance through this holy month of Ramadan and bless all our deeds, may Allah answer our prayers and make us all among the best of His servants. Please remember me in your duas, and please send my warmest salam to your families and loved ones.



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