Ugh. Really. I’m so done.

I never been as angry as today before to my office mate. Like, this is so unacceptable which is made my heart (and my head) exploded. This is sooo arrant. You misogynic head think that I’m a woman so you can throw a dirty joke as much as your effing stomach likes in front of me?! Deal with it! I got your face red in front people. I just let you know, never try to throw a dirty joke to a woman. Not to ME. Not to a woman like ME.

Ugh. You are a father of a daughter, you are a husband of a wife, you are a son of a mother, and maybe you are a brother of a sister, so I ask you to think of this: How if my father do that to your daughter, to your wife, to your mother, to your sister? What would you do, you effing misogynist huh?

Ugh. Really. I’m so done.


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