Day#7: Your Opinion on Cheating on People.

I would say that I honestly don’t understand why someone would do this to people. I’m sure there are a thousand reasons why someone would choose to cheat on us but I doubt any of them would make it okay. No, seriously, I can’t tolerate when people do this to me. Cheating on someone is a sign of disrespectful to them. It’s when you think that they are stupid enough to be cheated on. What’s the point on cheating and lying to people? If people don’t want to be any longer with us, or unsatisfied by the relationship (whatever it is) and can’t get something benefit from it, they really could just straight forward end it up. We don’t need people who will stay with us but their hearts are not. We don’t need people, who will spend their whole life acting like they are care about us, and we put our trust in them, but they are stabbing us from the back.

The other thing, meeeh.. I don’t know if this is also about cheating on exam. Cheating on exam is also unacceptable. No matter what the reason. If we really want to pass it, then we should pay more attention and study harder for it.


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