Day#9: Your Last Kiss

Hahha. I kiss my parents hands every day, my mother cheeks every morning, and my 3 years old nephew cheeks and my nieces cheeks whenever I want to. But if this is about a non mahram kisses, nope, I never been kissed by a non mahram. Neither have I ever had physical interactions with them on purpose. And even if I ever had, why should I let people to know about that? Also I can’t get why this blog challenge asking people about their last kiss. I really think that physical interactions are homy and private, whether those are allowed or not based on religious view and moral view.

I don’t have any jurisprudence background to say about physical interactions between non mahrams, but based on my religious view I really think that it should be done by a halal way after marriage. Physical interactions are like how you let someone come to your life, and how you take responsible for that. But just like any other facet of Islam, physical interactions for any circumstances are allowed. There will always conditional reasons, when we talking about are those allowed or not based on religious view. When you see a guy is falling to the ocean and then drowning and/or about to die running out the oxygen, would you let him die? Or what would happen in the world if doctors refuse to help the patients because of they are non mahrams? It would be like “omaygawwd, you are bleeding, but gawddd sorry, I don’t think I can help you, bc you are non mahram, so I can’t touch your body no, so I will just watch you dying, oh.” 

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