The first night of Muharram 1435 H – Imam Hussain Mosque, Karbala


Muharram, a month of spiritual cleansing. Send blessings on your Prophet (saaw) and his holy progeny inshaAllah. Even if you are not mourning this month, show empathy and kindness for those who do, and learn as much as you can about Hussain’s sacrifice.

I hope this Muharram bringing us all in the proximity to Allah swt, bringing us in the humility and respect to the Rasulullah Muhammad and his Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them) and learn so much from their exemplary. insha Allah.

I hope everyone are well and safe. Warmest salaam and prayers for all of sisters and brothers in humanity.

on the note: I will be flying to Singapore by tomorrow. And the good news is Sayyed Hadi Qazwini is also coming to Singapore for Muharram lectures. I really hope I’m lucky and blessed enough to attend his majelis.


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