Thoughts for Haiyan Victims

Last Saturday, when I was at Singapore I had conversations on a breakfast with some tourists from Philippines. They said that there is a typhoon attacks their country which it is the worst storm ever happened in Philippines (and the worst storms ever recorded as well). They said they can’t contact their families and couldn’t hear any news from Philippines sites because the network, flight, information, and communication are lost from Philippines.

And today once I read the news; it has reported that more than 10.000 people are died in a city in the country and many more injured. The typhoon was also washed away the homes and buildings. The typhoon Haiyan is now battering northern Vietnam and southern China and reported at least 11 died (BBC).

I have their contact, but until today, I never heard any news from them. I hope their families are safe. And let’s send our prayers for all those who were affected by the storm. And if you want to participate on donations, there are some trusted donation sites to participate ( or how to help Phillippines victims).


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