Watching KDrama – The Greatest Love

One of things that I never shared with people is the fact that sometimes I spend my time watching Korean drama series. Not especially Korean drama series, I also watch Gossip Girl, Hustle, Lie To Me, Prison Break, and CSI. It’s been a long time since I didn’t watch KDrama, because I realized that the drama really takes so much time to spend, and also recent years I’ve been went away from movies and televisions, and spending more time on book or internet on my spare time. I mostly read (both digitally and analogue) before I go to bed, and go out on weekend. Oh, I should have tell you that I’m no longer become a volunteer in teaching kids, the community stopped the program, so yeah.. I have so much spare time on every weekend. I go city sight or hanging around, or just stay at home reading and cooking with my families.

But this weekend seems like the exception. The weather is such a perfect to just staying at home and curling up under the blanket. People called this cuddle weather, and I spent the weekend cuddling my pillow. One of the best feeling. Actually I have so many books to read, so many ideas and stories to write, but these days I’ve been so lazy to read and to write, so I just let the books piled up waiting for me to care, I just let my stories and ideas buried in my head.

I spent this weekend watching KDrama : The Greatest Love. It takes 16 eps and surprisingly I’m not bored.


The drama is about adult life (no porn, fyi) that’s why I think I’d love it when the first time I read the synopsis. I’m not here to tell you the synopsis, because it was spreaded since 2 years ago, but something that I realize is that as I grow older I think I become more interesting in family movies that hire the adult actors. When I say adult movies, I’m not saying they are about movies contain porn, no. (Like, when I tell a friend that I’m more interesting in adult actors than  BBF guys or Twilight actors, she was just like “wait what, you are watching adult movies? Like adult movies with wife-husband scenes? You know they are haram sister, cover your eyes!” And I was like, “please.. I love wife-husband scenes, but that’s not just about their scenes on the bed, I mean real adult life, hahaha”. And she’s just like “you are old!” And I was just continuing eating my cookies.)

I’m convinced myself not to watch haram movies, and when it comes to sex scene, nudity, or any others inappropriate scenes, I will just skip the scene, or just lower my gaze. I have read and reflecting by myself how dangerous it could be, how much the damage we could have from watching porn and nudity. From what I believe, it’s worse than masturbating. It’s because they distract our mind. Its damaging our mind on how we view human body and sex interactions. And the worse is, because porn has made women as sexual object not as a human being, encouraged negative views and attitudes toward women, which is I will spend rest of my life in this world to against it. By watching it, we are demanding to film companies to make and spread such movies. It creates prostitute company.

I promise I will write more about this issue on here if any of you are interested, but actually today I’m too lazy to write an essay (I used to write so much about this issue on Tumblr, but since I’m quit from Tumblr, I lost my mood to write essay, so yeah..).

Let’s go back to The Greatest Love. The drama is simply about triangle love (or four sided love?), and as cheesy as it sounds, it’s about a perfect looking jerk guy who falling in love with a just so so woman and the guy started to acting weird and being sarcasm to deny his feeling. The problems come when the woman seeking the happiness and peacefulness from other guy, the third wheel who is (just like in the other Kdrama) being so nice and gentle to the woman. And as we have seen hundreds like that, the ending is predictable, the woman chooses being with the cold-sarcasm-jerk guy.

Then why I like Greatest Love? It’s an adult life drama; the actors portrayed the mid-thirties character. It’s simply refreshing watching comedy romantic drama. You can laugh as loud as you want seeing how cheesy the comedy could be, and few minutes later you are crying over how tragic and huhu the moment in the movie is. It’s refreshing, you know. Look how cute the adult couple are..



I’m here not to mention that Dok Go Jin (portrayed by Cha Seung Won) is such a babe. But please take a look on his body image. Masha Allah, he’s 44, he’s on his perfect matured age, he’s tall, his moustache, he’s long legged and wide backed. Staph it! You are seeing him as an object..?


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