Quick Heals For A Sadness

It’s not healthy to just lock yourself in your room and cry, when you can try to do these:

  1. Go to the kitchen, cook a noodle. Spicy noodle. Eat spicy foods!
  2. Go to a quiet place, scream as loud as you want to!
  3. Run as faster as you can! Do some quick workouts (jumping, push ups, etc.) Make your self sweated.
  4. Climb a trees, Scream!
  5. Climb a hill. Take a deep breath, burst out your emotions on the top of it!
  6. Write down what makes you sad on your personal dairy or blogs with the worst hand writing and description.

Also in addition, you can try take some mineral water and take a bath with hot water after doing things above. I hope that helps.


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