March 10.

someone asked me if I’m okay that he will be married soon before me. It really disturbs me that people still asking how I feel about his marriage. I asked her back why she ask me such question and I can’t believe her answer. She said that most of people wondering the same, wondering if I’m okay that he will marry someone, and not me. I’m shocked. Excuse me? Do I look like I’m not okay and dying? Do I look like an evil who doesn’t happy seeing someone happy? Ya Allah, I feel like my heart is ripped into piecies. I’m not ready for this question. Not because I don’t have the answer, but I can’t believe someone is so creepy. And she didn’t even sounds like she’s joking. Is she serious asking me such question? What for? How this is important to her? Is my feelings are something to consume? Something important to be gossiped to? What she expect from my answer? Will my answer satisfy her? Again, why she answer such question? I don’t know how to say this in a nicest way, but I think people really should mind their own bussiness more than others.


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