Sending Gift For An Online Friend

i sent two books for a friend. he is the first indonesian shia friend i met online who i wish i could learn more from.. once we exchange our contact number, i didnt even know about his personal life (like where does he live, i didnt know if he’s married or not..). he is a faceless blogger, and whenever i interact with him, it’s all about islam. masya Allah his hijab, right?
once i thought about sending the books, i was thinking to send them as a surprise gift for him, but the problem is i never know his address. so its not a surprise anymore since i asked him his address. heheh.

those times when i spend much time on tumblr, i used to got the gifts from some of my online friends (i remember i got exclusive gig records of my fav band from an online friend in Karawang, got islamic books from an online friend in Kalimantan, postcards from a traveller blog, and free merchandise from some bands i write about on my blog). oh i also like doing giveaways, so i can send my friends gifts too. tumblr makes you want to meet people you follow in real life, you feel like you know them for so long just by reading their posts. i remember i interact with many great islamic blogs from other countries; some of them are really faceless, they write long posts about islam but never posted their personal picture. i miss those times, like really.

but since the middle of the last year, tumblr become more mainstream, most of people i follow deleted their blog. so i prefer to sleep more in my house than staying all night on tumblr. and i reached the time when finally i leave tumblr.i will be forever indebted and in love with best people i found on tumblr. i feel like i lost some good friends from my life. but alhamdulillah.. everything is belong to Allah. may all my online friends find peace wherever they are. 🙂

jumat mubarak!

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