most of people come to your life but not meant to be with you forever. they come, teach you lessons, or give blessings, then leave.. they continue teaching lessons or spreading blessings to others.

only some who stay. those who stay for you, are the choosen ones sent by Him for you. they have committed to deal with everything in you, the good and the bad in you. you are also the reason for who you are created. always remember that at least two of them are willing to die for your happiness..

treat people arround you with care and loving. Be grateful of their existence, of the lessons you can take from them, of the blessings they give for you.. do as good as you can to serve them. do your best to pay their kindness with your kindness and prayers. you’ll never know when Allah take them from you.. innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiuun.. it can be anytime, you’ll never know.

alhamdulillah for people who come and go in my life.. Alhamdulillah for some who spared for me to stay. i need more than thousands lifetime to pay their kindness.


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