so i watched Life of Pi (again!) last night, because this Indian movie has all my love and i already falling in love to the soundtrack since the first so yeah.. i was not bored at all.

i highlited the scene when Pi told the French about his spiritualy, why he adapt more than 1 believe in his life. He said that; its not like you mix all the religion  into 1, but you can take all the good in every religion to guide your life.

faith is like a building with so many rooms in it. faith is not only for ones who believe, but also for ones who in doubt. because the doubts are exist to be the stairs in the building. you never knows how strong your faith untill you passed the test of the doubts, untill you through the ups and downs of your faith.

so its okay to questioning your believe, to sometimes have doubts in your heart, to find the answer of your questions, reflecting how things happened and not happened..

we are required to be the student of knowledge forever.. so don’t stop seeking knowledge and reflecting.

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