i’m surprised on how words could be so scary; full of humanity hatred. i was watching the news about the evacuation of the Air Asia QZ8501 aircraft (yes, this is a heartbreaking loss) when this guy coming, interrupted and like; “oooh cuma 155 kan yang mati.. Gapapa. Penduduk indonesia 200juta lebih mba, mati segitu mah gapapa biar ga makin padat penduduk indonesia.”

-paused, cause i left the court-

how can someone cynically raising a voice over the victim, when he is not part of the victim? you say that because this is not about your loved ones?

…empathy..humanity..  hes’ not familiar with these words.

i couldn’t imagine how if such hatred heard by the closest relatives of the 162 departed souls in this tragedy. Putting acid into their hearts. i don’t think the loved ones of the passengers need to hear you patrioticize the loss, they don’t ask you to join mourning with them, in the sleepless nights with the bruises heart. no. they only need that their loss and wounds are acknowledged, that you know they are mourning.

Lost words, i’m so broken here. Tabarra from a man like that!


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