#whoisMuhammad? he is part of us, regardless of what our race, creed, and gender is.
Al Taubah 128 : “there has certainly come to you a Messenger from among yourself. Grieves to him is what you suffer, he is concerned over you and to his believers, is kind and merciful.”

#whoisMuhammad? he is beyond the great moral  character, means that the great character HAD he passed.
Al Qalam : 4 “and indeed, you are BEYOND of the great moral character.”

#whoisMuhammad? Allah call the Prophets by their names in Al Qur’an. Muhammad is the only Prophet to whom Allah call “ayyuhan Nabiyyu” means “o’ Prophet”.

#whoisMuhammad? he is the leader of the purified ones from the sins in Al Ahzab 33.

#whoisMuhammad? For whom Allah and angels are confer blessing (shalawat). Al Ahzab 56.

These are what come to my mind about my beloved one, Rasulullah (pbuh+hf) from my quranic perspective. Feel free to share, add the list, and/or attack this post. 🙂


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