As i login on this site today, this blog feels so strange to me when i read my old posts and try to write here again. In some old posts i realize of how ‘not me’ the post is, except to please people and or self centering, i know its ridiculous and i’m planning to delete some. Also i posted some of my relative pictures here, without even thinking that they have privacy too. On an old post,  i attached a picture of my 3yrs nephew, and i was like made the post ‘about me’. Isn’t he as a kid had a privacy too? Yes.

I’ve been around with some revert and convert kids, and they warned us the volunteer to not to post  their picture on social media. They have privacy too, that they didn’t want their face to be spread on social media, and be made that it is ‘about the volunteer’.

Recently i’ve been thinking about how privacy means to me. Once i down to the street on a protest, and my picture holding the poster published on a newspaper. And i was so not felt comfortable because of that. Especially when the newspaper which published that picture has an agenda against what i stand for.

Theres soooo much things i want to write about my thoughts recent days, but as cliche as it sounds, i was sooo busy with my real life. How i miss write a long post here. My head recent days is full of pieces of poem, but the poems are so personal, so i’m not planning to post my poem here.. and only write it on my personal diary book.

Some are thirsty of blood. It’s heartbreaking to know how my brothers in Pakistan killed by the bomb suicide. i don’t know how i can free myself from this tragedy. I know by His Merciful, He will guide the departed innocent souls to heaven with light and peace. but it hurts me everyday, how the innocent killing in this world never ends. I need forever lifetime to let go of this wound. how the oppressors come on The Judgement Day with the blood of their brothers in their hands?

i reactivated my profile on facebook site and surprised on what i see on my timeline. Some of my closest people spread hate and cursing my people, cursing my belief. i have become accustomed of that hate and cursing, because i almost see it everyday, but when it is thrown by my closest people who 100% know what belief i choose, it bruises my heart.

… and, the last news is.. me and my little brother shared our money to buy a house. This is 5th month since i spared my salary to pay the installment to the previous owner. It would be ended on November 2015, hopefully. Means.. there’s no solo travelling again until November.


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