Welcoming Ramadhan 1436.

May everyone in the best of health and faith during the holy month of Ramadhan.

As there are countless blessings granted for us during the holy month of Ramadhan, i love to hear your all mission and good things to be accomplished on this month. i have made it, but i choose to keep it for myself 😀

Let’s try our hardest to earn all that blessings and ridha. People has their own battle, and the battle one’s have different from our battle, Ramadhan could be the best opportunity to acknowledge that. None of us are perfect, we are all work in progress.

Also, this holy month of Ramadhan, is the opportunity for me to learn more about myself. i have some of hopes and fears in my life, and i really wish that i can be more open to myself about that and make sure i’m not too hard to myself.

Also, Insha Allah i want to rebuild my relationship with my families. Bayangkan kita terlahir di antara mereka, dan kita dititipkan dalam sanubari mereka, alhamdulillah. There are as many paths to God as there are souls on earth, Maulana Rumi said. And the family is the first and the foremost best path to our Lord. Hal-hal baik menjadi lebih utama ketika dilakukan lebih dahulu di dalam keluarga  sebelum kepada yang lainnya. Manusia terbaik adalah manusia yang begitu lembut terhadap keluarganya, sabda Sang Baginda. Begitu banyaknya ridha dan berkah yang turun, dan pada keluarga itu lebih utama.

We are not alone who are broken. There are broken hearts out there; some are shown some are hidden. Spare your time to also pray for the hearts that are broken in silence, the hearts that crying in silence, hidden in a smile.

Not all of us blessed with a family and a place to call home. maybe some are our brothers and sisters in Islam who are observing Ramadhan as a convert for the first time. Invite them to your house to have iftihaar together, or send them your home food, and let them feel that they have a family. The best part of Ramadhan is togetherness.

When holy month of Ramadhan comes, i always remember Nadhir, a friend in Scotland (he’s Algerian Muslim i met on Tumblr site) who had made a video about his Ramadhan and his journey to reborn into Islam. Please kindly check the video, and please pray for him. We never know that could be our prayers that brings warmness in his heart, and easiness for him to observing this Ramadhan.

Part 1;

Part 2;

P.s : it’s been a long time since i heard from him, and now i wondering where in the world he is.

Happy welcoming the Holy month of Ramadahan, if possible, please remember me and my families in your prayers and ziarah. Insha Allah, you are all in mine.


.. will be off from wordpress during this Ramadhan, or more ..


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