Embrace Moments : First Time Seeing Baqi Yard

i remember the day when i see the Baqi yard for the first time. I had 4-5 days in Madinah and i walked the way outside Baqi everyday, but i never had a chance to see how is Baqi yard looks like. i have been through miles to go there and had been separated 14 centuries of life with the nobles lying inside that yard. i remember my hopeless and my tired heart, thought that maybe i would leave Nabawi without seeing them, it was so hurts, wallahi.

and Allah guided me. It was a Thursday afternoon, i walked the market near Nabawi, and surprisingly i reached a corner where i can look into Baqi yard, without had to confronting with the Saudis asykars. i look into inside of Baqi yard, but had no idea which of them are the grave of the noble ones i want to see for which why i flight miles to there.

then i embrace moments, and made it mine. I know i only see the sea of the sands and the nameless headstones, but their light spread around the yard. at some minutes i closed my eyes, remembering their names, their beautiful words and started to offering them ziarah.

i had so many hopes and fears to be talked to the noble ones lying there, but when i realize that i was that close to them, all that hopes and fears are disappeared. i said nothing, and only remember their beauties. i didn’t think i had more anything to say to them, it was felt like home, when everything is so complete.

..also met some of Iranian pilgrims there, alhamdulillah 🙂


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