1 Dzulhijah.


1 Dzulhijah marked as the marriage anniversary of Sayyidah Fathimah as dan Imam Ali as.. congratulation to Rasulullah sawa and Sayyidah Khadijah first and foremost, and to all the lovers in the world! may we all be blessed with a beautiful marriage too! i feel like i want to give everyone some chocolate or ice cream. 🙂

the other good news is..my best traveling mate will make a spiritual journey to somewhere (a place i really want to be at everytime!) on the next two months!

i’m so happy for her yet i’m so sad that i can’t go with her.. i’m so happy for her that she will go with the lovely people from our community, i’m so sad because now what happened to me recently makes me feel like i’m becoming far away from where i want to be at. i’m so sad because someone asked me to go with him next year and it would be our first spiritual trip together.. i’m so sad because seems like i have to let this go..


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