Yet Another Surprise!

Saya selalu penasaran pada bagaimana seseorang bisa begitu baik dalam berbohong dan menyembunyikan sesuatu. Pernahkah kamu berada pada situasi dimana kamu tau seseorang sedang menyembunyikan sesuatu darimu, dan kamu hanya duduk disana menunggu akan sejauh apa mereka melakukannya? why hiding things from me? am i don’t deserve the truth?

.. II pause II ..

insha Allah, the help of Allah comes in proportion to the hardship. The greater our pain, the sweeter the comforter. The harder our test, the larger the reward. The bigger our wound, the stronger the healing.

just put my heart in the Hands That Created it and minimize my depending on His creations. Just recline my wounds and depend only to Him, depending on His creation will only takes you into disappointed.


don;t let it fool you down, milta. here comes the mood booster!

.. lovely message sent to me today! ..

i won’t let the stress get at me, let’s see how long i can do it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

– m –

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