Tumblr’s Nostalgia

If I am a cause of harm for my beloved, I will rip myself away. Love is putting the needs of another before one’s own. Everyone here claims love but means something else.

(Ali K. Ravary)

i remember how fun my life was knowing some great people from Tumblr.  One of my favorite user was Ali an Iranian living in Philadelphia. i was big fan of his poets, he’s such a Rumi of Tumblr! heheh. (i was his secret admirer, i followed his page and read his post everyday, but never even brave enough to speak a word to him, haha). Last week i visit his page but seemingly he also back to his real life, he stopped writing since last year.

life is so different since i left Tumblr and back to my real life, and i miss the great people i met on Tumblr. they are feel so real, honest and delightfully kind. and oh, i remember Joshim (maaan he deleted his blog?!), he’s very knowledgeable especially regarding Al Qur’an.

i miss people from Tumblr, some people in my real life are so fake.

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