Another Phase

writing here while listening my husband reading Qur’an. so beautiful and calming. It’s been a while since i listen a man (not included my family members) reading the Qur’an this close.

for those who questioning the opening, yes.. i married a man 3 months ago. so many things to tell the world about my happiness being with this special man. terlalu bahagia, hingga tidak pernah memiliki luapan kata-kata yang cukup untuk menuliskannya. but someday, someday i will write about him, i promise.

i also decided to resign from my office since some days before my wedding day. big decision always demands risk and conviction. may Allah guide me to let go of the fear, doubt, and regrets..

staying all day at home waiting for my husband to come back from his work, is something very new to me, when i accustomed with so many activities outside my home before.

and here comes another surprises in our marriage. hope this surprises make us get closer to each other, be patient with each other. with you by my side, everything seems so easy..

also, this is the first time i observing Ramadhan without my parents, and learning to observe with this man.

Happy observing holy month of Ramadhan, may we all earn all the Ramadhan blessing.




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