A Gift.

Pernahkah kamu mendengar tentang jiwa-jiwa yang saling berjumpa di kehidupan lain?  Sebenarnya mereka telah mencari satu sama lain di kehidupan ini. Itulah mengapa ketika seseorang bertanya padaku; “bagaimana mungkin kamu tahu bahwa dialah seorang yang tepat untukmu?” Aku mampu uraikan jutaan alasan- tapi yang paling kusukai adalah:

Sebelum ruang dan waktu adalah sebuah konsep,

Sebelum cinta adalah rangkaian puisi,

Sebelum aku ada,

Sebelum ia dicipta,

Tuhan telah menuliskan namanya bersama namaku.






August 21, 2015. First time i met him in person. August is special for me. in the first week; i had my birthday, in the middle of the month; first time we chat, in the end of the month; we finally met in person.

He’s like a birthday gift Allah has sent for me. Alhamdulillah for his existence in my life.

his heart and my heart are old friends.

.. August 21, 2015 : first time i saw you from the corner of my eyes ..

i you, Radityo.

p.s : entah kenapa, beberapa menit sebelum bertemu dengannya di seberang tempat saya berdiri itu, saya seketika berkeinginan untuk menangkap gambar tempat kami akan bertemu. feelings..



Midnight Poetry : 3rd of Sha’ban 1436 H

.. picture of Imam Hussain's shrine in Karbala ..
.. picture of Imam Hussain’s shrine in Karbala .. picture : alhassanain.org

lest we forget about you, dear prince

you and all around you made the angels cringe

for the blood shed on the cloak of your grandfather

for which Maryam and Asiya went down to earth and gathered

when people come and go, you stayed

only some who knows the secret; it’s the key

they follow your journey until the 10th

be your shield whenever the arrows rained

my life thanks you for your submission

your sacrifice left us in an endless mission

i made the poetry last night, remembering Imam Hussain on my sleepless night. The soul, sacrifice, extraordinary. Let me humbly offer my congratulation to Rasulullah sawa the first and the foremost and to all humanity on the birth anniversary of Imam Hussain as on 3rd of Sha’baan.. may we be blessed enough to follow his best exemplary.

The Last Goodbye

How did you say goodbye to him

When you know he will leave

Leave you forever in grief


How did you say goodbye to him

The swords from the opponent directed to his neck

The hungry lowly birth grasping to touch his cloak


How did you say goodbye to him

He will fight the hundreds of wolf alone

Will you ever see him again in the afternoon?


How did you say goodbye to him

His blood will cover the land

His lovers will suddenly become orphan


How did you say goodbye to him

“oh..it would be better if the sky fall down to the earth”

The tragedy shall remains forever, slicing your heart


How did you say goodbye to him

You keep seeing him in sight

Now you’ll only see the darkest night.


i write this last night and feel so emotional deep here. Saying goodbye is never easy. i can’t imagine how did Lady Zainab said goodbye (the last goodbye) to his brother Imam Hussain in Karbala, before Imam Hussain go alone to fight the enemy. Both knowing that they will never see each other again.. it’s too painful. How did Zainab bear such a pain and still had a beautiful patience.

“I see nothing but beauty..”

Midinight Poetry : End of Shabaan 1435 H

in The Name of The Best Name of Starting right
my tongue never deserve enough to call Him with pride
in praises of The Prince that i wrote wrote with my heart..

how many promise i made and i break at the same time
the promises i made in front of The Prince of mine

the blessed days, the full moonlight
i keep seeing but i let them passed
the heart that cracked
my lips sealed
not even dare to tell you, i’m wounded.

at the month that better than thousand month,
may i deserve enough to cnock on Your door
be with The Prince i always adore.