Midnight Poetry : 3rd of Sha’ban 1436 H

.. picture of Imam Hussain's shrine in Karbala ..

.. picture of Imam Hussain’s shrine in Karbala .. picture : alhassanain.org

lest we forget about you, dear prince

you and all around you made the angels cringe

for the blood shed on the cloak of your grandfather

for which Maryam and Asiya went down to earth and gathered

when people come and go, you stayed

only some who knows the secret; it’s the key

they follow your journey until the 10th

be your shield whenever the arrows rained

my life thanks you for your submission

your sacrifice left us in an endless mission

i made the poetry last night, remembering Imam Hussain on my sleepless night. The soul, sacrifice, extraordinary. Let me humbly offer my congratulation to Rasulullah sawa the first and the foremost and to all humanity on the birth anniversary of Imam Hussain as on 3rd of Sha’baan.. may we be blessed enough to follow his best exemplary.