There should be both a feeling of being in need of people and independence from them in your heart. Your need for them should be in your speaking softly to them and being cheerful (with good temper). Your independence of them should be in your pure honor and preserved dignity.

Imam Ali (a), Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 72, p. 112.

A lot of people have trouble balancing the love of the Creator and the love of the creation. It is something I myself have struggled with much of my life. On the one extreme, there are people who love the creation as they should only love the Creator. On the other extreme, there are those who reject the love of the creation all together. I think the correct balance is to understand it this way: We have only one Owner over our hearts. That Owner is God. But our hearts also yearn for companionship. The heart searches for its’ companion in the creation. And finding that companion of our heart is one of God’s greatest gifts to us. The problem is when we confuse *Ownership* and *companionship*. We take the creation as Owners and take the Creator as only a companion. And God knows best.

-Yasmin Mogahed

Mount Bromo and the Price of Happiness

real tears when i read the post. it takes only seconds how so related your post to me, remembering how that praying platform really happened to me on my visit to Bromo some months ago.

me and my friend rushed to have wudhu to perform Shubuh, lay the prayer mat on the ground and some visitors stepped on it.. and it was feel so bad, how can seeking best moment of sunrise can be so unconscious.

being in such condition, thinking is the prayer would make other visitors disturbed? my Lord is really Merciful, so we held our prayers to some minutes after the visitors are calm down.. and it feels so bad, because the sun started to rise brighter, means we missed the Subhuh on time..

it’s all about choices.. and Allah is really Merciful..

and after that praying incident, just like you, i don’t know how i don’t really interested in taking picture again.. i just breath the air, feel the breeze.. keep everything in my memory.

Bromo was so enchanting.. and pictures couldn’t get enough to express how breath taking the Bromo is.

thank you for sharing Mba Hanny.




love and salaam

– m –


p.s: written with love and prayers for Bromo.


currently reading;

In Shia lore, Fatima lives on in another dimension to witness her sons’ suffering and to weep for them. She is the Holy Mother, whose younger son would sacrifice himself to redeem humanity just as had the son of that other great mother, Mary. Like her, Fatima is often called the Virgin as a sign of her spiritual purity. Like her, she will mourn her offspring until the Day of Judgment,”
Lesley Hazleton, After The Prophet: The Epic Story Of The Shia Sunni Split In Islam

My Notes : Al Taubah 128.

Surat Al Taubah adalah satu-satunya surat di dalam Al Qur’an yang tidak diawali dengan Basmallah. Kalau kata Ustadz saya (dari tafsir Allamah Thabathabai) adalah karena dalam surat Al Taubah begitu kerasnya kecaman dan pemutusan hubungan Allah dari orang-orang munafik dan orang-orang yang mengkhianati dan melanggar perjanjian terhadap Rasulullah (sawa). Pengkhianatan dan perjanjian apakah gerangan ? Apakah orang-orang yang dikecam itu adalah orang-orang pada masa kehidupan Rasulullah (sawa), ataukah juga termasuk kita yang mengkhianati beliau? (tidak usah dikomentar di sini, renungkan saja)

Namun, yang menarik dari surat Al Taubah tersebut adalah bahwa arti kata Al Taubah itu sendiri adalah ampunan. Bahwa karena kasih sayang-NYA,  bahkan ampunan Allah begitu cepat dan begitu jauh lebih besar daripada murka-NYA atas dosa-dosa hamba-NYA.

Menariknya juga, sekeras itu pula Allah mengecam orang-orang musyrik dan orang-orang yang mengkhianati RasulNYA,  di bagian akhir surat Al Taubah ditutup dengan penuh kasih mengenai diutusnya Rasulullah sawa dari kita dan di tengah-tengah kita.


Sesungguhnya telah datang kepadamu seorang Rasul dari dirimu sendiri. Berat dirasa olehnya penderitaanmu, sangat menginginkan kita keselamatan bagimu, amat belas kasihan lagi penyayang terhadap orang-orang mukmin. [Al Taubah 128]

Dari ayat tersebut tercermin bahwa sifat Rasulullah yang paling utama adalah empati beliau. Berat dirasa olehnya penderitaanmu. Betapa bahwa kita sebagai manusia modern mengalami krisis empati, karena sedikitnya kita menangis. Dan sedikitnya menangis menimbulkan keras hati yang akhirnya empati hilang, kepedulian berkurang. Membayangkan betap jika kita tidak memiliki air mata dan tangisan, hati kita akan sekeras para laskar ISIS itu, mengaku sebagai penegak Islam namun membunuh dengan sekeji itu, dipertontonkan di media, dan yang sampai hati melihatnya pun tanpa empati.

Ayat al Taubah 128 itu pun menunjukkan betapa dekatnya diri kita dengan Rasulullah (sawa), dan bahwa kita tidak pernah sendirian, tidak pernah ada manusia yang mencintai kita sebesar Rasulullah sawa mencintai kita.

.. Maka sampaikanlah shalawat dan pasrahkan dirimu kepadanya [Al Ahzab 56]

Shalawat itu seperti penghubung kita dengan beliau, bahwa dalam kebahagiaan dan kesedihan kita Rasulullah (sawa) selalu hadir.

Salah satu ayat favorit saya.. ayat favoritmu? Please share. 🙂

Take me home to the land

Where the lifeless find meaning to life

Yearning for the day

they meet infallibles in the afterlife


The land where the martyrs blood meets the scholar ink

As the hearts together for one cause beat in sync


Take me home to the land

Where the poor find wealth

Where the dismayed find cure to their ill health


To the land where the rich find worth no money can buy

A cause so worthy they are ready to die.

And fill my heart with the illumination of certitude,
my chest with the illumination of faith,
my intellect with the illumination of honest intentions,
my determination with the illumination of knowledge,
my strength with the illumination of work,
my tongue with the illumination of honesty,
my religion with the illumination of clear evidence from You,
my sight with the illumination of brightness,
my hearing with the illumination of wisdom,
and my faculty of love with the illumination of sincere loyalty to Muhammad and his Household.

(Ziarah Ali Yasin)

… and may everyone safe in observing Muharram …