About The Owner

Milta M. (Andika Ratu Panungguan)

# Birthday : in the early of August

# What I enjoy doing:

Music – Picnic – Movie – Standing in Front of Mirror – City Lights From the Highest Ground – Reading – Gardening – Attending to Gigs – Cooking?! Hey cooking is fun! (I wanna be as sexy as Farah Quinn!)

# Favorite Books : I love reading, I love books!

# Favorite Movies:

Documentary movies – anything comedy romance genre – anything drama that too beautiful to be true – i don’t watch action, horror or dark movies.

# Favorite Music:

I’m not someone who bothers to classified music by genres. I listen all of them. From the sound of train wheel collided & the song of the birds in the morning to rock. I love folks, jazz, culture, I love music!

# Favorite TV Shows:

Recently…I prefer listen to my radio and my music player….

# About Me:

haa..I hate when you ask about this.
What should I write, anyway!?
I think every single thing about me is UNIQUE.
And you know everybody is unique, of course.

I’m easy going. I used to think that I’m a double personality person, but finally I found my self a moody person. I love making conversation with strangers, I love capturing things. I love picnic. I love to laugh. I’m quitting coffee. I cook. I often missing people who even didn’t remember that i’m exist.
I loved every face i thought looked cute and every kindred eyes I caught in crowds. Ehhmm.. what else ?!

Feel free to judge me. You only see what I choose to show. Also, the beauty you see in things is the reflection of you. Try to see things in a beautiful way!

Milta Mutiah wears :

// Veil
// Flannel shirt
// Scarf
// Dark Jeans
// Flat Shoes

Really Obsessed with :

Robin Noel Pecknold



Quote About You

This too shall pass..


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