Mount Bromo and the Price of Happiness

real tears when i read the post. it takes only seconds how so related your post to me, remembering how that praying platform really happened to me on my visit to Bromo some months ago.

me and my friend rushed to have wudhu to perform Shubuh, lay the prayer mat on the ground and some visitors stepped on it.. and it was feel so bad, how can seeking best moment of sunrise can be so unconscious.

being in such condition, thinking is the prayer would make other visitors disturbed? my Lord is really Merciful, so we held our prayers to some minutes after the visitors are calm down.. and it feels so bad, because the sun started to rise brighter, means we missed the Subhuh on time..

it’s all about choices.. and Allah is really Merciful..

and after that praying incident, just like you, i don’t know how i don’t really interested in taking picture again.. i just breath the air, feel the breeze.. keep everything in my memory.

Bromo was so enchanting.. and pictures couldn’t get enough to express how breath taking the Bromo is.

thank you for sharing Mba Hanny.




love and salaam

– m –


p.s: written with love and prayers for Bromo.

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